Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All Beatlegras All The Time

I'm just going to keep on talking about this show since I know it is going to be so good. Beatlegras is one of those bands that you just need to see and hear, to really experience, in order to get just how great they are.

Don't believe me? They are on the short list for nominations for the Grammy Awards. Just getting on The List is a huge accomplishment. Best wishes to them for their inclusion on the even shorter list.....

So you need to come to the Uptown to check them out. This is their only fall performing arts center performance - which quite frankly is the best way to see them. The 2500 who saw them at an outdoor venue in an unnamed neighboring city might disagree with me since I heard that show was a blast too. But, personally I'll take an intimate, climate controlled venue with $2 popcorn and $4 beer over chiggers and heat any day.

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