Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's up next? Valentine's!

As we wrap up the run of Always, Patsy Cline we look ahead to next week. David Gaschen and Ann Sanders are flying in from the Phantom of the Opera tour and NYC, respectively. They'll be joining Matthew Lord and Jill Blalock Lord on stage in Best of Broadway: Love Songs.

What an awesome opportunity for our community - and really, the whole metroplex! Three of the four artists were here last year for the Andrew Lloyd Webber show and this year they'll be joined by Matthew Lord.

If you've been to any of the three 3 Redneck Tenor shows that we've presented at the Uptown then you know Matthew. Which one is he? I used to say he's the big one in the middle with the red headed mullet, but he has shrank down to non-redneck regular size. He's promised not to make any Bubba jokes or say "y'all" during this show. What he will do is blow your mind with his unbelievable talent.

Who is this handsome man?

It's David Gaschen. He is amazing. Really amazing. And not bad to look at either. I'm sure his wife and legion of female fans agree. He's currently on the Phantom tour and is breaking away to come to Grand Prairie 'for one night only.' He blew our audience away last year. I had a patron tell me this week that David had an unbelievable ability to just control the stage and the entire audience when he was singing. They can't wait for next Saturday night!

Hang on. Is that Jill Blalock Lord? Yes, yes it is.

Jill's spectacular resume is too long to list but highlights include stints with the San Francisco Opera and national tours. Other highlights include being the mother to two ridiculously talented young ladies and the wife of the formerly big fat redneck tenor. Jill and Matthew also co-founded Ohlook! an amazing performance school where students from throughout the metroplex learn how to become Triple Threats!

The aformentioned superstars will be joined on stage by a Disney princess. Seriously. Ann Sanders starred on Broadway as Belle. So, she really is a princess, and the nicest one we've ever met! Avenue Q is also on her resume as well as numerous other shows.

So, please join us on Saturday, February 13th at 8:00 p.m. for this unbelieveable performance. It'll take care of your Valentine's Day in one spectacular night that you simply won't forget.

Tickets are available at or by calling 972-237-8786. See you at the theater!

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