Monday, March 29, 2010

Let's talk about Landon Pigg...

It's ok. He won't mind. Here are some interesting facts about Landon Pigg that are fabulous and true...we have them on file from a good source ;)

1. What genre is Landon Pigg?

A mix between rock and roll, indie pop, and easy listening - something for everyone!

2. Is it true that Landon Pigg has asked audience members with musical instruments to join him onstage at past shows?

YES! He did it in Boston, and a few other shows. SO, if you play an interesting instrument (say that 10 times fast), pack it up and bring it, BUT first buy your ticket!

3. Does Landon come from a family of musicians?

YES! It was his father, a studio veteran himself, who encouraged Landon's musical curiosity, as Landon recalls "Ray Stevens being the first CD I ever owned.' and he credits his mother for nurturing his poetic side.

4. Who cuts Landon Pigg's hair?

his mother

5. Will this be Landon's first trip to Texas?

Heck, no. Landon co-starred with 'Juno' actress Ellen Page in 'Whip It' which was recently released on video after having a successful release in the theatres. 'Whip It' is the story of a girl growing up in Bodeen, TX, and the whole big wild world of Texas' women's roller derby. The film was shot mostly in Texas!

Come see Landon Pigg perform his fabulous music at Grand Prairie's

Uptown Theater

April 10th at 8 pm

Tickets are only $11-$16

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